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Terad-9-amic Axle Housing (4" heat treated tubes)

SKU: 4003

Our Terad-9-amic Axle Housing is designed specifically to conquer the Boulder-Ridden Baja Backroads.  It boasts the ability to withstand the tremendous abuses brought forth by mega-horsepower, monster tires, and mammoth machines.  Each Terad-9-amic housing is composed completely of 4130 "chromoly" steel including the 4" x .250" wall heat-treated tubes.  The pumpkin is uniquely designed to achieve the highest ground clearance and high oil volume as well as accept the heavy duty 10" Trophy Truck Gear.  All seams are muli-pass tig welded inside and out to ensure the most complete bond.  



Tubes - 4" x .250" wall heat treated 4130

Faceplate - .375" 4130 steel

Inner rib - .250" 4130 steel

shell - .190" 4130 steel

Tube end to end - 70.75" 

Third Member studs - .375" ARP 


Also Availible:

- tig welded 2.25" fill spout

- tig welded high clearance diff skid

Price: $2,200.00