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  • Suspension Tuning

Suspension is Horsepower in the dirt, it takes more than installing the best products, we can take it a step further. We have worked not only with Racing and Recreational off road vehicles, but we have worked extensively with developing suspension for Special Forces groups and have worked with Carnegie Mellon’s Red Team H1 Robot H1’s

  • Suspension Fabrication

Our knowledge gained, through years of experience in suspension fabrication, and attention to detail will ensure the creation of a high performing suspension system for whatever application you prefer.

  • Race preparation 

SamCo Fabrication race preparation currently has 19 class wins and 3 championships. Our goal is to make the vehicles that we prepare better and better every race.

  • Magnaflux Inspection

We now have the technology to take a much closer look into the parts that you are considering to run or replace due to hidden points of failure.  Consider the piece of mind you would have knowing that your: spindles, knuckles, axles, suspension arms, ect. showed no sign of cracking from our magnaflux trained technicians.  Also, when the option to repair is acceptable we are able to repair many types of failure situations due to cracking.

  • Shock valving and rebuilding 

Complete suspension tuning for Off Road Racing and Prerunners. We have many years of experience with tuning for many types of shocks, suspension designs and with many types of vehicles.

  • Complete vehicle fabrication 

From rock buggies to desert racers

  • Differential and locker installation.
  • Roll cages & body armor.
  • Tire grooving.