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Pinion Seal Retainer

SKU: 4001

The Ford 9” axle is the go-to axle choice for applications as varied as drag racing and desert racing. While short sprints down the drag strip do not heat up the differential excessively, extended use under the harsh conditions found in desert racing, King of the Hammers-type events, short course racing, and road racing can result in increased pressure that pushes the pinion seal out of the front of the case. We at Samco Fabrication have a simple, yet elegant solution in their new bolt-on 9” seal retainer. Failure of this seal due to excess pressure will likely result in the loss of the gear oil, failure of the ring and pinion due to improper lubrication, and a DNF. This is a known issue, even with oversized breathers, and Trophy Trucks often run set screw retainers on the front pinion support. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new pinion support though, the Samco Fabrication Ford 9” Seal Retainer is inexpensive insurance that you can easily bolt on to your existing third member to ensure this never happens to you. At only $25 for the zinc coated, cut and formed bearing retainer, even the most experienced fabricator can appreciate the value in this simple, elegant solution to a potentially costly problem.

Price: $25.00