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Magnaflux inspections now available at Samco Fabrication

We have recently acquired the tooling and training necessary to provide magnaflux inspections... right here at Samco Fabrication.  This addition to our list of services will dramatically expand our abilities to analyze individual parts and prevent many types of failures before they develop into expensive or dangerous situations.  Magnaflux is well known for presenting cracks and other structural anomalies in parts that are not noticeable upon visual inspection alone.  Depending on the location and magnitude of the potential failure point, magnaflux provides options of repair, replacement, or confidence in a solid part.  We are ready to inspect a variety of parts including, but not limited to: axles, spindles, suspension components, drivetrain components, gears, spools, hubs, engine components, ect.

Magnaflux takes the old saying to the next level, "In order to finish first in the race, you must first finish".  Magnaflux increases the chances of that finish with a greater confidence that your key parts are sound enough to start the race.