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2013 VORRA USA 500 Race Report

An impressive field of competition vehicles showed up to race in the annual VORRA USA 500 on a summer day in the Nevada Desert.  Yerington, NV was the place for desert racing excitement on that September 1rst 2013.  The race course in Yerington is well known for its enjoyable high speed layout with inclusions of rocky and rough terrain that demands respect from every driver. 

The Samco Fabrication Group T Truck left the start/finish line with Cody Bullock behind the steering wheel and Matt Cummings navigating.  A mid-pack start left a challenge for Bullock and Cummings to tackle as they started the day.  The truck was running great and they were able to settle in to a good fast pace.  Bullock and Cummings ran flawlessly for four laps and worked their way into the second position of the Group T Class, behind Don/Chris German.  At the races’ half way point Bullock and Cummings handed the truck over to Sam Cothrun as driver and Nicolai Caviglia navigating.  Cothrun and Caviglia set their sights out to pass The Germans for the victory in Group T.  They were well on their way towards the goal as they made up some time approaching The Germans.  On their sixth lap, they were seen coming into the main pit only about two minutes behind Chris German, who seemed to be running strong.  Cothrun and Caviglia remained behind The Germans until they crested a hill to find the German truck pulled over where Chris German and his son Walker were feverishly changing a flat tire.  The Samco Fabrication Truck continued down the course in clean air hoping to create a gap that the Germans would not be able to overcome.  The Germans are fierce competitors and they were did not lose very much time changing the flat tire.  They caught up to Cothrun’s dust and without a doubt were trying to get a good run at passing the Samco Fabrication Truck.  Cothrun did not give them a chance as he was able to move fast enough after exiting the main pit to separate the trucks by a decent gap for the final lap.  Everything was happening according to plan until about half way around the track on the last lap, when the truck seemed to be running out of fuel.  Cothrun and Caviglia stopped into two pits on a whim and begged for fuel to continue the race.  Some very kind spectators were able to replenish the thirsty truck on those two stops by pouring a few gallons in each time.  Each stop was heart-wrenching for Cothrun as he knew that The Germans could be coming around to pass at any time.  Luckily, The Germans were not able to take advantage of the situation and Cothrun and Caviglia drove the truck into the Finish in first place.  Once they were finished they learned that they had not only beat all of The Group T Trucks but they had proven faster than the whole field of vehicles giving them a first overall finish. 

The Samco Fabrication Team had a great day in the desert and owes the victory to a great team effort and resolution to stay patiently yet persistent.  Samco Fabrication would like to thank the following people and organizations that made this possible:

33 Black Apparel

The Bullock Family

Fibercraft Parts of Reno,NV


Yank Performance Converters

Bayshore Truck & Equipment Co.

Western Industrial Parts (WIPI)